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Nutrition Guide 

How many portions of fruit and vegetable should I have each day?
Five portions. These can be fruit or vegetable.
Did you know it's recommended that you eat different coloured fruits to benefit from the natural health-promoting and disease-preventing phytochemicals contained in the fruit's natural colour!
Try an orange one day, an apple or a banana another day and don't forget that all-important salad! Better still why not try one of our home-made fresh fruit salads! Sounds delicious and we can supply them all!

Can I get all my fruit and vegetable portions from juice?
No. Juice, no matter how much you drink, is only equivalent to one portion each day.

Do vegetables that have been frozen still count towards my 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day?
Yes. Whether dried, canned, chilled, frozen or fresh 80g of vegetable is equivalent to one daily portion.

What is the difference between saturated and unsaturated fats?
Saturated fats are the 'enemy'. We do not need them in our body to survive, and they are also the fats that cause us to gain weight. Unsaturated fats are the 'good guys' as our body needs them to survive and in moderation will not cause us to gain weight and will actually replace saturated fats in the body.

Is Avocado a fruit or a vegetable? Has avocado a high fat content?
Avocados are a fruit, and yes, they are high in fat but unsaturated fats not saturated ones. Unsaturated fat is a good fat when eaten in moderation as it replaces saturated fats in the body. Saturated fats are the ones that make us gain weight.
Why not try slipping in a couple of slices of avocado into your prawn salad sandwich on hearty wholemeal sliced bread? We can add a few grapes to your order and an orange juice just to finish it off! Yummy and good for you!

About Us 
Nutrition Guide 

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